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Real Estate Auction Risks You Need To Be Aware Of

Nowadays, properties can be bought in various ways. It is not at all that hard to find something that you will love. However, you want to think about the various options that are available on the market. It is really important that you will choose those options that will bring in the best deals. Since you are most likely looking for low prices, you will want to think about buying through real estate auctions.

The Foreclosed Factor

The most important thing that you have to remember about real estate auctions is that most of the properties available through these deals are actually foreclosed homes. If there is a homeowner that gets his/her property foreclosed, it might be quite bad. You need to be sure that you are going to buy a home that is in good condition or that is at least as great as it is presented in the auction.

Real estate auctions force you to pay in cash when you win a bid. In many cases you cannot even see the property. Because of this, you want to be careful and you need to only work with the companies that have a spotless reputation. Basically, you want to be sure that what you pay for is what you get.

Potential Redemption Period

There are some strict laws that have to be respected when dealing with real estate auctions. This is true for everything from commercial properties to apartments. For instance, buyers cannot fully own properties until a specific reclaim period expires. The period is different from one state to the next and from one country to another. As an example, New Jersey will allow ten days. In Tennessee the buyer has a redemption period of 700 days. Always learn about this since it can easily lead towards huge problems in the future as you lose a lot of time in the process. Always ask if the homeowners have redemption rights.

Buying Mortgages

This is something that many do not actually know about. There are some auctions out there that mask liens and mortgages that are present. In some situations the buyers will end up with a second mortgage and that can lead towards so many problems in the future. This is particularly damaging when dealing with online real estate auctions.

Structural Problems

It is always a really good idea to opt for non-binding real estate auctions because this means that you can actually inspect the property before you actually make the final payment. Have patience and look for the best possible opportunities. It is always a good idea to have a property inspection done before you actually commit to a deal.


On the whole, the experienced real estate investor will always take a close look at the auctions that exist on the market. It is something that can bring in a really great opportunity. Make sure that you never buy something that is bad. Unfortunately, many first time buyers make the huge mistake of purchasing a property that is great based on why you actually want to buy it in the first place.