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Great Tips for Travel Accommodations

Are you planning a trip that’s on Your Bucket List? Have the fun of travel is planning and perusing all your options. After you confirm your dates, selecting accommodations is a huge part of travel planning. Follow these recommendations from the experts and you’ll be ready for the vacation of a life time.

All the experts agree that the earlier you book your vacation accommodations, the greater selection you’ll have and you’ll most likely be able to get the best rates. One of the more popular vacation accommodation options that’s emerged in the last few years is apartment sharing. If you’re traveling solo or with a partner, it’s easy to book a bedroom in a shared apartment. There are several websites that are designed specifically for home and apartment sharing. Make sure you connect directly with the owner and carefully read the reviews before sending any money. Unfortunately every online industry has scammers.

Another option for vacation accommodations are hotel rooms. From small boutique hotels to large resorts, the options are nearly limitless. Be sure to check the reviews for the hotels you’re considering; more often than not they’ll be frank and also provide bits of information that could be helpful during your trip. Confirm the price and location meet your needs. Often with hotels, the earlier you book the better rate you’ll receive. Determine if parking and breakfast are included in the rates. These items can add up quickly for a longer stay. Does the hotel provide a shuttle to the airport? Often, larger hotels in or close to major city will offer the services of a hotel concierge to help book restaurants, theatres and excursions. The concierge can be a wealth of knowledge; be sure to take advantage of their services if one is available. Enjoy your vacation and take lots of memories for your bucket list!